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(clomiphene citrate)

Clomid Description. What is Clomiphene citrate used for?

Clomid – your guide to the bright world of motherhood.

Being a mother is a gift which nature gives women and nothing can compare with the feeling when you hold your baby in your arms. From the impregnation moment and up to the delivery of a child a complicated scheme inherent in the very nature of every female body works for the baby to come to this world. But sometimes this scheme doesn’t work properly. One of its components goes wrong and the expected baby doesn’t appear.

This is a problem lots of women all over the world have to face no matter how strong their desire to become mothers is. They start asking themselves a question: is this the end of their hopes and plans to become a mother? No, it’s not. If one of the components has gone wrong we just need to help it.

What is it all about? We are talking now about the medication named Clomid. It’s a mixture of two chemical components and works in a simple way helping hormones which cause ovulation to get released. If the ovaries are able to produce a follicle but the problem lays in the lack of hormones for the egg to appear Clomid becomes that irreplaceable aid which makes the process of ovulation complete. This preparation may be used for other purposes except female fertility by the doctor’s prescription.

Clomid is a small scored tablet of white color and round shape taken with a glass of water. It is taken in five day cycles. Normally six cycles are enough for the therapy under the condition of coitus happening in proper time. The treatment course should be started with the low dose and it shouldn’t be increased unless the patient has no ovulation while taking the low dose. Mostly one course of Clomid is quite enough to get ovulation. To achieve the expected result the patient should stick to the schedule of tablets taking and avoid missing the dose. And if you follow the recommendations of the prescription label and observe how the tablets work by taking notes of your body condition, your chances to become pregnant become very high. Monitoring your health condition while taking any medication including Clomid is extremely important as physical condition of our bodies differ and their reaction to medical preparations too. If you observe any side effects contact your doctor, he may change the dose for the best result.

Alcohol doesn’t combine with Clomid, so the patient is strongly recommended to avoid drinking it during the treatment course. Otherwise the effect may not be achieved.

When the patient receives treatment results and becomes pregnant there is no need to continue taking Clomid. More than that the medication mustn’t be used in this period of your life. So if you think you might be pregnant stop taking the medication and consult your doctor at once.

Clomid is easy to store: room temperature, moderate light and moisture are absolutely enough for the medication to serve you properly and give best results. The patient is recommended to make sure that the tablets are out of reach for small children and pets. The best way of storing Clomid is to keep it in a closed container so that its quality remains at the appropriate level.

Clomid gives women who have the problem of ovulation dysfunction an opportunity to fulfill their dream of having children. Popular in its field for its high effectiveness the medication has helped thousands women in different corners of the world proving itself to be available and reliable solution of female fertility. So if you aim at becoming pregnant and need help with hormones buy Clomid – a highly effective medication to stimulate ovulation, and take pleasure in the joys of motherhood!

You can either buy Clomid online or in a drugstore. Although online pharmacies are more convenient due to the various methods of payments they offer.